Frameless/No Sashing Quilts - Part 3

November 24, 2016

T-Shirt Quilt Styles

frameless no sashing t-shirt quiltOur Frameless/No Sashing quilt  is the most economical version tshirt quilt we offer.  All of the tee shirts are still backed with a 100% cotton stabilizer, and use the same quilt shop high quality fabrics for the back and borders.

The quilts are still based on a grid layout, but we do accommodate larger images when needed.  We can still combine smaller logo sized images to make a larger block.  Since our pricing is based on a 'per  block' basis, we charge an 'additional seam' or 'combine' charge instead of the full block price for each shirt.

The quilt on the right shows:

 closeup of frameless no sashing t-shirt quiltsQuilt Options*

* Available for an additional cost


Still the same high quality, with no shortcuts.

More Quilt Style & Price Options:

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