T Shirt Quilt Terms, Glossary and Lingo

January 23, 2017

What Do All Those Words Mean?

You do your research.  You check out all the different websites that offer tshirt quilts.  HOW do you decide on just one t-shirt quilt maker?   What do all the terms mean?

We will start with many of the most common terms that you should learn about to help you make an informed decision in selecting someone to take care of YOUR valuable t-shirts.

If you are considering having a quilt made from your t-shirts, the following lists a lot of the terms that you will run across that might be unfamiliar to you. We will update as more terms come up



You will hear all sorts of terms and promises about what  a t-shirt quilt maker will do.  Please do your research and select a quilt-maker who will give you a quality product and not choose the 'cheapest' offer.  You want this quilt to last for a lifetime.

T-Shirt Quilts of Texas is one of the premiere tshirt quilt makers in the country, with over 30 years of quilting and over 13 years making tee shirt and memory quilts.  


Before you have a T-shirt quilt made, read our T-shirt Quilt Buyers Guide so you have the information you need to make an informed choice about what type of T-shirt quilt you want made.