The Process

Best PracticeWhile there are lots of steps to completing your custom quilt. The ones that YOU need to worry about are simple.

Getting your shirts to T-Shirt Quilts of Texas. Sounds simple. But, you have several options. If you are in the area, you are invited to come to the studio, just make an appointment and come on by. If you are not in the area, or just don't have time, no worries, just ship them via the Post Office (USPS), UPS or Fed Ex.**

Order Processing

We double check that you have included an order form, a deposit* and that the number of shirts indicated on the form matches what you sent. We put your tshirts in its own project box, where the contents are isolated during the entire process of completing your quilt.

We enter the order into our proprietary software order entry system, which produces an estimate, cutting layout and documentation to keep track of your quilt as it moves from one step to the next in the process of creating your quilt. We use the best practices available and continually review our processes for improvements.

Prepping the shirts

Next, we prep the shirts and cut all the fabrics to complete your quilt. Everything is put back into the project box until it is ready to be sewn.

Layout and Sewing

At this point, unless you have indicated a preferred layout, we lay out the shirts in a pleasing manner. The blocks are then sewn together to create the 'top'. We sew the backing fabric, iron everything and get it in to the queue to be quilted.


Your quilt is professionally machine quilted on a longarm machine. We use the latest computerized technology to give your quilt a consistant all-over design. Oue quilt designs are selected to give a pleasing quilted effect, but do not distract from YOUR t-shirts. No newbies quilting your quilt!


Binding is the final step in completing your one-of-a-kind quilt. Binding encloses all the raw edges of the quilt and gives the quilt a professional finish.

Coming Home

You always have the option of picking up your quilt, or we can ship it back to you. Generally, we use USPS Priority Mail, and you will be sent a tracking number via email when we create the shipping label. Other shipping options available for an additional charge.

* Please note, we can no longer start work on your project without a $100 deposit per quilt. This is non-refundable, but will be applied to amount due of quilt.

** When shipping a package, please do not ask for signature confirmation, as you will most likely delay delivery of your package by a day or so. We have a secure area that our Postal, UPS and Fed-Ex carriers are familiar with.

Before you have a T-shirt quilt made, read our T-Shirt Quilt Buyers Guide so you have the information you need to make an informed choice about what type of T-shirt quilt you want made.

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