Memory Quilts

Wrap yourself with memories of one who has passed. When a parent or grandparent has passed, who feels it the most? Kids and grandkids have a special bond. A custom quilt made from the clothing can be a special 'hug' from those who are not here any longer. Don't forget to have one made for YOU.

We have several new styles of Memory quilts that we have been creating. Which one do you like best?

My grand-daughter was having a particularly difficult time last night at dinner. Lots of tears. While I was planning on gifting the grandkids with the wonderful memory quilts you made for Christmas, I had to bring out Ashleys quilt and give it to her now. She wrapped herself in the quilt, gave me a tearful smile, and said - "grandpa is giving me a hug". We were all bawling after that. Thank you so much.


We can use almost any piece of clothing. Just keep in mind that if that item of clothing can't be laundered (i.e. silk or paper) then it might not be the best item to include in this quilt. We WANT this quilt to be used, and to be used for years to come. And for this same reason, we recommend that memory quilts be 'throw' sized. These quilts can be used in a chair, on the couch or just wrapped around when a private moment is needed. When you bring your items in, we will go through the clothing and let you know if it can be used successfully or if we should not use it.

While the best clothing items for quilting are woven cottons and cotton blends, we can use most any item. [OK, hats are pretty hard to get to lie flat... ] Knit fabrics can be used because we do use a 100% woven cotton stabilizer. It is not that STIFF stuff that many non-professional quilt-makers use. The stabilizer is necessary to prevent distortion when quilting and makes that quilt last a lifetime through many launderings. We do use sweaters (unless they are really thick) as blocks, because our soft cotton stabilizer allows us to quilt this with no problem.

We have several styles of quilts that don't focus on tshirts, but feature the clothing with tradional style quilt patterns that are pleasing to look at and cuddle under.

We have a couple of styles that work really well with lots of random items of clothing. A Traditional Quilt takes a consistant size square and is surrounded by sashing and cornerstones. Your choice of sashing and border color fabrics. We can use a few or as many as you like items of clothing.

The other style of quilt that we find successful as a Memory Quilt is the modified Fractions Quilt. We cut a consistant size rectangle and surround by strips that cause a secondary pinwheel pattern. This quilt is a more modern version but still just as comforting for the owner.

Of course, you can click on the photos for a larger image and see the details. You select the fabrics that we design your quilt with from over 700 bolts of in-stock fabrics. If you have a special request, just let us know by contacting us today!