Getting Started

Probably the hardest part of ordering a t-shirt quilt is selecting the shirts you would like to include in your custom quilt.

    Selecting Shirts

    • Please make sure all of the shirts are clean, and free of smoke, moth balls smells, and pet hair.

    • Choose shirts that have sentimental value for the recipient. The more that tshirt was worn, the more you NEED to include that tee.

    • Don't overlook your sweatshirts, jerseys, totebags, towels, pillowcases and baby blankets. These can all be incorporated.

    • Look at both sides of the shirt - some shirts have great graphics on both sides; consider using both sides (2 quilt squares). If you only want to use one side, please specify front or back, or we will use our best judgment for a beautiful layout. A minimal charge PER BLOCK is asssesed when combining parts of shirts.

    • Try to avoid sharp or pointy things. Puff paint, sequins, buttons and other 3-dimensional embellishments might be pleasant to look at, but can be an irritant when trying cuddle under the quilt.

    • Think of themes - Graduation, Sorority/Fraternity, Sports, Military Days, Favorite Vacation Spots, Marathons, Memory Quilts, Harley Davidson, Margaritaville and school.

    • Stained or 'holy' shirts sometimes have special memories attached to them. Embrace those imperfections to remember the moment. Keep in mind that the 100% cotton fusible that I put on the back will strengthen the shirts and make them last a lifetime.

    If you would like more information about tshirt quilts, download our FREE T-Shirt Buyers Guide.